GP Support Services

Practice transition

We realise the importance of effective succession planning to safeguard the future of a practice against changes in priorities and circumstance. Our practice transition model focuses on supporting you to reduce, or entirely hand over, your involvement in the management of the practice by offering the organisational support and robust infrastructure of OneMedicalGroup, enabling you to focus on optimising your work-life balance and plan for the future. 

Under our practice transition model your practice would become part of a managed network which provides support across the full range of primary care including: 

Clinical leadership incorporating Integrated Governance and professional support

Operational management in which your practice progressively adopts the policies and procedures of OneMedicalGroup and benefits from all of the management support systems we have in place

Learning and development incorporating CPD and performance appraisal. We invest heavily in our workforce encompassing professional development and personal development. All staff have access to an e-learning and development tool called ‘The Academy’ which includes a full CPD diary of events, allocated e-learning modules for the individual and training groups and site specific modules

Patient education incorporating our core value “Patients First”, delivered through our commitment to Support & Advice Hubs working with the local communities to empower, signpost and support patients in all areas of their life, not just their health needs

Back office support functions incorporating Human resources, finance, facilities management, marketing and business development.

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Back Office Support Functions

Over the last decade we have worked hard to develop a broad range of operational support services which can be tailored to ease the burden of ballooning workloads and declining resource on an already over stretched workforce.

We can rationalise your back office functions and centralise processes for a range of corporate services including Human Resources, Finance, Facilities Management, Marketing and Business Development, freeing up your time to focus on frontline patient care.

We have a particular passion for collecting, analysing and utilisating data to help improve patient care by understanding why patients visit and what clinical resource is best suited to support them.  We can support you with dashboards and performance metrics that give instant and easy access to such data and help improve patient outcomes.

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Sale and leaseback

Our sale and leaseback solution allows you to forgo the responsibility of property ownership whilst simultaneously releasing the equity in your premises; the perfect solution for Partners looking for flexibility in their work life or planning for retirement. As part of this service our specialist premises team will work with you to effectively invest our capital resource to optimise your physical space improving patient flow and back office utilisation. We offer a range of flexible lease options ensuring a tailored made solution to meet your needs. 

Why choose sale and leaseback?

We can help you to...
- release the equity tied up in the property 
- provide flexibility within the partnership model
- remove the burden of ongoing capital premises investment
- work with a landlord 

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Practice Optimisation

If you would prefer to maintain overall control of your practice you are still able to take advantage of our centralised operational functions through our Practice Optimisation offer. By choosing from our range of GP support services you can ease the burden of day to day operational management allowing you the time to focus on delivering high quality, patient centred care. Our expert team will work with you to identify how you can operate more efficiently in order to:

- Maintain viability
- Develop services
- Attract other GPs to the practice, inc. GP registrars
- Successfully achieve regulatory standards and accreditations and participate in current or future government programmes
- Improve the quality of care
- Improve accessibility to care.

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New Premises

We are long term investors in primary care premises, working with GP Partners and Federations to create and manage high quality developments, sustained through flexible and resilient landlord / tenant partnerships.  

Our dedicated premises development team has a decade of experience in designing and developing high quality and sustainable primary care premises. They will work with you to design a bespoke space which meets the needs of your patients and clinicians now, and in the future by developing an adaptable, sustainable and resilient blueprint which will grow and evolve with your business. We will support you to build a comprehensive business case to secure NHS funding approval to eliminate any risk to your practice and manage the entire project through site acquisition, planning, legalities and construction.

Take a look at our new premises brochure and project case studies to find out more about how we can help you.
To contact our premises team to discuss your options in more detail simply call 0113 2843158 or just drop us an email


If your delivery needs have grown beyond the scope of your existing space we will work with you to upgrade or expand your property. We understand the challenges presented by refurbishing space within a live environment and the importance of engaging with staff, stakeholders and the public to ensure the smooth running of your service while we work. With minimal disruption to your service we will develop and deliver bespoke solutions for extensions, alterations and refurbishments and re-engineer your premises to improve the patient experience and clinical and workforce environments. 

Take a look at our array of case studies for inspiration then give us a call on 0113 2843158 or drop us an email to discuss your options...